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Software Engineering

Xiphos combines over 50 years of software engineering and  subject matter expertise to provide cutting edge tools to assist your business in advancing its success in the custom firearms arena. These tools can enhance small to large business environments from the small shop to the major manufacturer.


We pride ourselves in building integrated platforms that make the design of a custom firearm an educational and rewarding experience for the client and a turn key program for the manufacturer with a start to finish process that reduces overhead expense and maximizes internal processes and efficiency.


Our tools are designed to seemlessly integrate into your existing web platform. Our technicians can assist in this process remotely or on site as circumstances dictate.

If you purchase a custom module, we offer the appropriate consulting services to assist in configuration and implementation on your site.


We provide ongoing support and upgrades to your product purchases torough our annualized support plans and also provide a web based training module as part of your purchase.

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